Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trial & Error

I took this pic of a quilt I finished recently and the colors are a little "off". It sure is tough getting good pics of finished quilts! I've seen lots of helpful information from sources like Etsy on how to improve your photos but alas, I'm still struggling. I'm pretty confident in the camera I have so I know it must be my skills (or lack thereof).

I don't have much natural light in my house so I got my boyfriend to rig up a clothesline outside (yay!). I think my pics got a little better but they're still a long way from where I'd like them to be! I've heard a lot of people use photo kits you can buy that include a white "tent" that surrounds your subject and lights that you can place around it. This is great if you have small items like jewelry but not for larger stuff like quilts.

Hmm. I need to look for a photography class and sign up asap!

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