Saturday, February 26, 2011

Color play

Aah, the muse. He helps get my creative flow going (or at least thinking about it). Bugs Bunny is donning a scrap leftover from the wall hanging I'm still working on. I'm still not totally happy with the overall color of the quilt.

One of the most challenging (and interesting) things to me about quilting is working with color. Some people seem to do it beautifully and effortlessly. One of my favorite quilters that creates fabulous studies in color is Victoria Gertenbach of The Silly BooDilly. If you haven't seen her work before you should definitely check it out. She's got this color thing figured out.

Since I like to experiment when I quilt I often try new things that I'm not entirely sure about but wait until I'm finished to make a final judgment. Sometimes I feel like I have a nice and unexpected color play and other times not so much. There's been a time or two when I didn't like particular colors together the first time I saw them and then I actually really liked them down the road. Go figure.

It's all about experimentation, right?

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