Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Thank me later" Thursday

Welcome to the second installment of your 'thank me later Thursday'. This one is for you bloggers who also etsy (yes, i just used that as a verb).

Wanna post a live/clickable link to an etsy treasury you created? This nifty little tool generates the code for you and allows you to customize the appearance of the treasury on your blog. If you're not familiar with etsy treasuries, they're compilations of stuff other people have made. It provides another way shoppers can peruse items on etsy. The rule is that you are not to add any items of your own. I like to create them around a theme of some sort.

Speaking of that, here's my latest treasury you're welcome to peruse. We recently got a brief glimpse of spring here in Virginia, and i think it set my wanderlust into motion.

'Let's go!' by harvestcrafts


Natural Evergreen T...

Burlington Vermont ...

Yosemite National P...

organic DRIVING TOY...

Oxbow Bend in Grand...

Mobile Manor


Fine Art Photograph...

Ceramic Travel Mug ...


I Heart You - Wall ...


San Francisco Bay i...

Road Trip Pouch

Camera Strap - Stai...


Pics to come soon of my latest quilt for the upcoming craft show, a stacked coins one, as soon as I put on the binding.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Thank me later" Thursday

I thought it would be fun to start a lil' Thursday tradition here on my blog. I'm gonna post images of things that are really beautiful, fun, cool, inspiring, otherwise evocative and you can thank me later for making their acquaintance if you don't already know them ;) I know, I know, it's actually posting on Wednesday but I'm fading fast and can't stay up past midnight!

First up: Have you seen these beautiful Asanoha Japanese geometric printed fabrics? I can't get enough of the simple designs against the lovely background colors.



[woooowwww--not asanoha but an equally cute scallop design]

The graphic designs totally remind me of those seen on Japanese Washi tape. If you've never used these before, they're awesome. They function like masking tape but are much prettier. I sometimes use them to tack quilt wall hangings up to see how they look. The tape is easily removable and leaves no mess behind.

Here's to keeping Japan in our thoughts...

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Bada-Bing

I applied to be a vendor at an indie craft show in Richmond, Virginia next month and am now wondering if I have the goods to do it! It's the sixth annual Spring Bada-Bing put on by the Richmond Craft Mafia. From the past pics it looks like a lot of fun with cool vendors selling awesome handmade stuff. Sponsors provide each vendor with a 6 ft table and that's your selling space which is perfect for me since I definitely wouldn't be able to fill a walk-in space with my quilts. So...I'm wondering how may quilts I need to fill that space and trying to budget my time accordingly to reach that goal.

I made progress on the modified crazy quilt I started last week. I finished the center block and decided to cut it into a trapezoid shape--for better or worse. I wanted it to add to the wonkiness of the center block.

I also started another quilt with some fuscia Echino Bird Song I've been wanting to use. That fabric is so beautiful I just paired it with some Essex Linen on the back and quilted it in a freemotion meandering quilt with natural colored thread. All I need to finish is the binding. I think I'll use some sort of hot pink.

Did you catch the Super Full Moon show Saturday night? 'Twas beautiful here--clear skies and low light pollution where I live.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hoarding: buried alive!

Must.make.quilts. I am determined to reduce my growing fabric stash and finish more quilts and not just so I can buy more fabric (I'm not gonna lie; that's a good incentive too). Have you seen the Hoarders show on TLC?? The fear of becoming like that is enough to kick the laziest of butts into gear. I suggest watching it if perhaps you're out of coffee and you need that little extra push to get you going. I guess the first thing I need to do is stop watching t.v. and finish that crazy quilt I'm working on!

Monday, March 14, 2011

In process

I started a couple projects this weekend. One of them is yet another one based on the method Joelle Hoverson outlines in her book I yakked about in an earlier post. I just can't get enough of that modified crazy quilt piecing technique. You start out with a bunch of fabrics in a couple of different colors, cut em up, throw em in a bag, sew em together, take em out of the bag, cut em up, put em back in the bag and sew em together. What I like most is the surprise of all the unique color combinations you get. For this one I'm using a variety of shot cottons, a voile, and a silk. I'll post some pics of the finished product and the other project on the burner soon!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Personal question

I know this is gonna seem very forward of me but -- What do you do with your leftover scraps? Do you use them in small projects, use them as stuffing, throw them out? In addition to serving as possibly the best cat toys ever, I've been filling a vase with mine lately but as you can see, the vase runneth over. It makes for an interesting room decor and also serves as a fond (hopefully) reminder of the various projects the scraps come from. BUT I ought to be able to actually use them to create something considering all the supercute quilts and such I've been seeing that folks have made from just selvedge (and I mean stinkin cute).

Speaking of seeing lots of cool inspiring stuff, I recently started actually using my Flickr account (why didn't I do this sooner??) and joined the group "Fresh Modern Quilts". Talk about inspiration, I could spend all day looking at all that eye candy (which I mostly did, considering I'm pretty much down-and-out with a cold at the moment). Always nice to see what others are working on.

With that, I'm off to sip some honey tea in hopes it gets me feeling human again. If only it were that easy to repair the damage done in Japan. My thoughts are with all those who are affected.