Sunday, March 6, 2011

Patience is a virtue?

Don't you hate waiting for fabric to arrive?? I ordered some Essex linen at the beginning of the week that I plan on backing my next quilt with and apparently it has to like, physically travel to my house or something. Geez. I confess, I do most of my fabric shopping online. I do try and buy at local quilt shops when possible but most of the time I'm looking for something specific and am much more likely to be successful finding it online. But then, it's the waiting game... Well, at least it forces me to be a more well-rounded healthy person and persue other interests in the meantime, right?

Like gardening. Okay, I know it doesn't look like much now, but picture this bleak, barren field alive with color and overflowing with gigantic specimens of fruits of all sorts...that's at least what we hope it looks like come midsummer. The main squeeze and I spent a large portion of the day tending to our garden plot. We're prepping for what will be our first full season! It's a community garden and this year will be the first full spring and summer we've had for growing. We've already planted potatoes and onions but we'll have to wait until after the last frost to get the tomatoes and other good stuff in.

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