Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gloomy weather means groovy quilting (and starting a blog!)

I've been wanting to start a quilting blog for awhile so I'm glad this snowy weather gave me the opportunity! Thanks for stopping by my little blog! I welcome any comments you might have. I'm always open to new ideas and love hearing about what other folks are working on.
Well, in order to avoid getting cabin fever I decided to make some good use of some fabric I've been hoarding for awhile. It's too nice to take the scissors to so I decided to do a whole cloth quilt with a panel of it. It's called Bird Song by Etsuko Furuya, produced by the Japanese fabric company Kokka. Love it, love it! And it comes in a few different colors including a beautiful pink, aqua and purple. It's a linen/cotton blend and it's really nice to work with. It's a bit heavier than some quilting weight cottons and it's a nice change. I like working with different textures--this one is slightly nubby which gives it nice character.

I used to dread the pinning or basting part of quilting but now I embrace it. I put on some tunes in the background and use it as a time to chill and stretch my legs while trying to contort in order to get those hard-to-reach pins in place. Feels a little like playing twister sometimes!

Hands down, my favorite part is the quilting! Again, tunes in the background helps me out with this. It's nice when you get can get into a groove.

What's your favorite part in the process?