Monday, April 4, 2011

Another one for Spring Bada-Bing...

I've been on a bit of a solids kick lately so I decided to go back to my prints  and use up some of my stash on this one. I used a lot of Heather Ross's Far Away II fabric line which is a nice cotton/linen. For the sashing and outer border I used Kona in two shades of grey(mostly because I went to Joann's to get more of what I thought was Kona in "coal", when it turned out I needed Kona "not-coal". Still not sure what shade of grey that is ---- ahhh. I actually like the two tones though). If anyone knows the Kona shade of the lighter grey, please give me a shout out!

As with most of my quilts, I used a simple pattern. This one is called "stacked coins" and I wanted it to be a bit less linear and neat so I tried to change it up by cutting it a little wonky freehanded.


  1. Just saw your etsy shop on the Spring Bada-Bing website. I love your quilts! This one is gorgeous!! I, too, love to quilt and I adore that grey fabric! It looks so great with those pinks and yellows :)

  2. Thanks so much, Molly! Hopefully you'll come by the show if you're around. I love to meet other quilters and talk shop :)