Thursday, April 7, 2011

"Thank me later" Thursday

Need a good laugh or just wanna smile? The other day I happened upon a little gem. It's a Flickr group dedicated expressly to pictures of dogs on roofs. Who doesn't wanna see that? Silly and interesting. You're welcome :)

T minus 8 days! I've been busy trying to get stuff together for Spring Bada-Bing. I've been mentioning that a lot in my posts lately but that's because it's on my mind a lot. I'm trying to figure out the best display for my quilts which is kinda tricky. The ideal display is probably hanging them in some fashion but for this show the display is a six foot long table.

Other crafters have suggested adding some sort of levels to table displays to give them dimension and added interest. I'm still trying to figure out something that would work along those lines. While I'm on a roll posting links to Flickr groups, you might want to check out this one too. It's a group called "show me your booths" (hehe) dedicated to pics of various crafters' display setups at shows.

Maybe I can get some good ideas if I keep looking through them.
Happy Thursday, everyone!

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